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A meme token in Disguise

ETH Monsta will employ sustainable token rewards & a yield generating vault, leveraged by secondary assets, utility NFTs, protocol fees and collaborations with other crypto projects. It combines deflation, user rewards, and buyback mechanics with a yield-bearing multi-vault system that fosters the underlying ecosystem and the value of our native token.

Protocol taxes and fees are used to buy back our tokens and accumulate community-chosen assets in the vault.

Token Stats

Initial Supply


Current Supply


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Our meticulously crafted NFT collections embody artistic excellence, gamified experiences, and lucrative rewards. 

At the core of our business model, these collections facilitate user rewards and channel protocol fees towards continual development and effective marketing strategies. Keep your eyes on our X/Twitter and Telegram News channel for updates and announcements as development progresses!

Multi-Asset Vault

ETH Monsta will strategically collect secondary assets in yield-bearing Multi-asset vaults (MAVs) through community collaboration and input. MAVs will employ both short-term, high-risk, and long-term, low-risk investment strategies for sustainable returns. 

You'll also get to enjoy engaging experiences with our gamified NFT system, all intended to foster long-term community engagement.



Buy 5%   | Sell 5%

Initial Distribution

Starting Supply:



A dedicated allocation for development in the tokenomics is vital for continuous improvement, security enhancements, and innovation within the token ecosystem. It supports the project's long-term sustainability, allows for the introduction of new features, and fosters engagement with the community.


MEPE Unclaimed Pinksale

These tokens are reserved for participants of the MEPE presale on Pinksale who have not yet claimed their tokens and may have missed the migration announcement. These will be made available for a specified time period after which point they'll be repurposed or removed from supply via burn mechanisms. 



These tokens are reserved for building up and accumulating additional funds which will later be used to Buy Back & Burn $MONSTA on BNBChain and also to Buy Back & Use $METH on Ethereum. Bought back $METH tokens may be used for community incentives or other marketing initiatives. 


Marketing & Community

These tokens are reserved for community engagement and marketing related iniatives to further expand the Eth Monsta brand and increase user base. 


Uniswap LP

These tokens are used for the initial LP creation and launch on Uniswap and get paired together with ETH.


CEX Reserved

These tokens are reserved for exploration and expansion onto Centralized Exchanges or other DEX partnerships. 



These tokens are reserved for the team and are vested over a period of 3 months.


MEPE Holder Migration

These tokens were reserved to airdrop/reimburse MEPE token holders that participated in the migration period.



These tokens were originally part of the MEPE LP and are no longer being used in the re-launch of METH, so they'll be burned and removed from the total supply.


Sometimes directions change! Be sure to check back often for the latest updates!
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3+

✅ Launch on Uniswap
✅ Launch Marketing Campaign
✅Cross Chain Swap Integration
✅ Update Dextools Listing
✅ Update Etherscan Token Page
🕒 ETH Monsta Collectable NFTs, Edition 1
🕒 Token Listing on all standard platforms (CMC, CoinGecko, etc.)
🕒 Build community
🕒 Extensive Networking and Collaboration
🕒 Enhance Website Presentation

🕒 Extended Marketing Campaign

🕒 Centralized Exchange Listings

🕒 Multi-Asset Vault Reward Utilities

🕒 Vault Integrated NFT collections

We'll update the phase 2 and phase 3 roadmaps as we progress! Check back often for updates!

AMA's & Events

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Powered by Monsta Corp.

Our projects and innovations are fueled by the Monsta minds at Monsta Corp. To learn more about the team driving the future of ETH Monsta, visit our dedicated team page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ETH Monsta differ from other meme tokens?

Beside being memeable AF, it will have actual utilities with rewarding features that contribute to the sustainable growth of the ecosystem.

What is the purpose of ETH Monsta's platform?

Our ultimate goal is to establish a decentralized platform for investment and asset management. At the heart of our platform lies our native token, METH, which plays a vital role in sustaining the generation of attractive yields and rewarding our valued users

Can you explain the role of utility NFTs in the ETH Monsta ecosystem?

These NFTs will be fully integrated into the multi-vault design and potential rewards/yield will be tied to them.

How does the buyback mechanism work in ETH Monsta?

The project treasury collects fees through sell taxes, protocol feature fees, and multi-vault yield. The buybacks will initially be managed manually by the team, but we aim to automate the system as much as possible in an efficient and secure manner by utilizing smart contracts.

What are the fees and taxes used for in ETH Monsta?

For buybacks (which can be utilized in different ways, like burns or user loyalty/activity rewards), asset accrual for our yield-bearing vaults, and project treasury.

When will the NFTs and Vaults be available for users to access?

The current STV (short-term vault) is currently in progress. Join our community on Telegram to participate in the conversation and community proposal votes.

What is the total token supply of METH?

420,000,000 and deflating!

How much of the token supply is subject to burning?

More than 30% will be burned within the first 3 months after launch. Buybacks will contribute to deflation throughout the cycle.

Are there any plans to list METH on centralized exchanges?

Yes, we'd love to list METH on reputable centralized exchanges if the right opportunity is presented. Stay tuned.

How can I participate in the ETH Monsta community?

Join our social media community and news channels, subscribe to our twitter (X) and hit the notification bell! We will always have ongoing competitions, games and loyalty programs to reward active participation in our community.

Can you explain the tax structure for METH?

Every time a user sells METH, a tax of 5% is paid in ETH to the protocol. 5% of every buy is taxed and swapped to ETH and paid to the protocol.

How does the ETH Monsta team handle the burning of tokens?

Buybacks are used to burn tokens.

Does the ETH Monsta team provide investment or financial advice?

No, this is an experiment in sustainable token economics in a decentralized environment. Our community will decide which assets the protocol collects.

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